13 Motivational Quotes For Students

Motivation quotes can be very helpful for students to motivate you and study. One thing I would like to say first is, “strive for progress, not for perfection”. The energetic, inspirational and inspirational quotes are listed below. john wooden “Don’t let what you can’t

Funny Birthday Quotes

We have prepared 20 funny birthday wishes for your friends and family for you. You can choose to share from this awesome and fun list of happy birthday wishes to put a smile on everyone’s faces.Check out the list and you’ll find hilarious birthday

20 Motivational Quotes For Work

Have you ever tried to do some work to motivate yourself? Although there are about 50 important items on your list, sometimes a day or so of unproductive spiraling can lead to fatigue, lethargy and boredom. Having the drive and ambition is one thing,

Funny Quotes About Life

Everyone likes to enjoy and laugh in life. An inspiration that makes you smile, what more could you ask for. These funny inspirational quotes will make your day the perfect one. I have never developed indigestion from eating my words.” – Winston Churchill “I’m bored’

motivational quotes for women

10 Motivational Quotes from Women The Women’s Rights Movement is dedicated to the idea that women should have equal rights with men. It began with the signing of the women’s property rights and suffrage and contract and extended to equal wages for open occupations

Funny Inspirational Quotes

I’ve worked at offices where I had to change desks twice, and to say I was “less than thrilled” is an understatement. I had put so much thought and effort into personalizing my space, and making it “me,” I didn’t want to lose that

Funny Quotes

Bring a smile to your face with these funny quotes – you’ll find laughter, humor and a little wisdom. Our collection includes funny inspirational and motivational quotes from famous people and others. We all need humor in life, it helps the challenges we all