Funny Good Morning Quotes

Dedicate some of these phrases of love to that person who makes you live wonderful moments, they are special because they are funny phrases without losing romanticism, so you will remind your girlfriend how much you love them, at the same time you will draw a smile on their face.

2. The brain is a very important part of the body, unfortunately it works only until you fall in love.

3. The human being cannot hide, neither when he is drunk, nor when he is in love.

4. Love is priceless, although in stores they know how to add value to all their accessories.

5. I never thought that doing crazy things for love was true, until I met you.

6. I always thought it was impossible not to find someone who fell in love with me, if even the princesses kiss the horrible toads … And then you came into my life.

Funny Good Morning Quotes
Funny Good Morning Quotes

7. Alcohol allows everything to look double, so I’ll get drunk before I see you.

8. Love … You already accepted me, so remember that there are no returns.

Funny Good Morning Quotes For Him

When you dedicate funny good morning quotes to your boyfriend or husband, it is beautiful to dedicate beautiful words, but when there is a certain level of trust, it is almost inevitable to add a funny touch, men are like that, they like simple things and that fills them with joys .

1. I can do it anywhere: the bed, the sofa, on the table, nobody beats me when it comes to sleep.

2. If they gave me money every time you are on my mind, I would be a multimillionaire.

3. I have to take care of you love, you are like kitchen towels, if you leave them hanging on the balcony, the neighbor takes it.

Funny Good Morning Quotes
Funny Good Morning Quotes

4. My love, you know that everything in excess hurts, except me.

5. If you don’t want to be here with me, you can leave … there’s the door, you just have to remove the 3 locks and move the chains.

6. When I feel I speak to you without stopping, you can easily shut up with a kiss.

7. You ruined my plans, I said I would never fall in love, and you appear on my way to conquer me with your charms.

Good Morning Funny Quotes

Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt so happy that you would have wanted to leave a funny good morning quotes note to your partner or family member with the breakfast prepared? Would you like to have any idea to brighten someone’s morning?

Here are some ideas so you can wake up your special person in the most special way possible. There are romantic, funny and even motivating to start the day to the fullest. Starting the day with such a special surprise makes anyone’s day!

1. “Love is the joy of the good, the reflection of the wise, the wonder of the unbelievers.”

2. “I want to believe that I am going to look at this new year as if it were the first time they parade 365 days before my eyes.”

Funny Good Morning Quotes
Funny Good Morning Quotes

3. “If you want the recipe to achieve happiness here I bring it to you, get up from your bed and draw a smile on your face because today will be a wonderful day.”

4. “At each dawn I feel the luckiest person in the world because I have everything I need to achieve happiness.”

5. “Remember that depending on the attitude you have this morning you will have a good or bad day, so smile at life so that you are happy.”

6. “Sometimes I wake up with the worst mood in the world but as soon as I see you, you greet me with a kiss and tell me that you love me my heart is filled with joy and all thanks to your love.”

7. “Remember to greet all your acquaintances this morning with a big smile and you will see that you have brought a little more joy to their lives.”

Funny Morning Quotes To Start The Day

8. It is not an ordinary Monday, it is the Monday that will make you happy. Morning!

9. If you don’t smile, the day doesn’t smile at you. Happy Morning!

10. It’s Monday, dress with a smile … and go out and eat the world! Happy week!

Funny Good Morning Quotes
Funny Good Morning Quotes

11. Who said fear? Tuesday 13! I’m coming for you! Happy bad luck day!

12. Today is a good day to start with your New Year’s resolutions. Good Morning!

13. Start the last week of the year, remember not to leave for next year what you can do in this. Happy day!

14. Remember that on Saturdays nothing can go wrong! Happy weekend!

15. That today is a great day is up to you. Let’s do it!

16.  Today is the ideal day to get all that you propose. Happy day!

17. If you woke up next to me it would be worth getting up early.

18. A new day is born today, live it with joy. Good Morning!

19. Although the day dawns cold and rainy, be sure to show us the sun that hides behind your smile. Nice Morning!

20. Every day has a new story to enjoy and be happy. Good Morning.

21. Although the early bird deprives you of your smile, do not forget to make everyone’s life happy. Have a very happy day!

Funny Good Morning Quotes
Funny Good Morning Quotes

22. Let the day surprise you! Good Morning!

23. A good thought upon waking prepares us for the best of days.

24. An early bird cannot make your day bitter. Think that this way you have more time to enjoy it. Happy day!

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